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Sign up and invite your friends, so you can start organizing your group outing in a matter of few minutes, whether you are looking for a nice dine in restaurant, organize a party with your friends, or an adrenalin rush adventure we got you covered.

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We have built a state of the art application for all your group activities, wanna know the features?

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Easy to navigate with a revolutionary User Experience.

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No need for a geek to organize your event on Groupi, we make it easy for you.

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invite your friends whether on your contact list or your social media networks.

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Well, with just few steps, your next event is organized.

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There is no hidden fees or extra charges to use Groupi.

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Our team is with you at anytime you need help

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More awesome features are added periodically, so wish and we will grant.

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we took all the headache of planning your outing, just have a nice time.


App available for Android & Iphone .